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Originally Posted by catatonic
iRiver makes a very nice MP3 player that is like the dell.

I jsut use my Palm Tungsten E, with a 256MB SD card. I just encode everything at 96kbps since I'm only using it while on the train or sitting, and I'm looking for music, not audiophile bliss.....though i did jsut buy a set of Shure E2Cs I might jsut splurge for an iRiver or the Creative Nomad Zen. That will be next month of course, after I restock my bank acct form buying my new bi-wheeled toy

i have the shure E2's also i love those things. I cant live without them on the train. they block out all the cruddy loud noise and all i hear is my music. it is the best. My bf has the nomad also. that thing is really nice. one thing it has that the ipod doesnt that i love is the ability to make playlists. although i think the new ipod may have this function but not pos. the dell mentioned earlier is similar to the nomad but has much better battery life. i definitely recommend that over that the ipod. i think the ipod is popular because it well advertised and nice looking and got its name for being the first mp3 player to hold lots of music. however i think players like the nomad and the dell give it good competition and in some cases a better value for the money. but that is my opinion
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