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actually the first MP3 player with large capacity was the Archos. It's just Archos does not advertise, it's more of an insider's brand than anyhing. Oh...and they also make a DivX player that is has a 5" screen that's about the size of an external floppy drive.

Apple jsut has the power of marketing on their side. Much like Kleenex wasn't the first to make tissues, just the first to be widely known.

Really, I think the iPod will have it's place...Apple has been known to pioneer, but I have yet to see them ever stay in the mainstream for very long. They already have the leg down on pricing, and the whole battery fiasco, at least to me, has killed any chance I will ever buy one. The archos is ok, but archos was never known for great features, but their units doubls as USB2.0 hard you can jsut drop stuff in without special software, and can use it to take your work home etc.

Yeah, I'm lovin these E2s...I just gotta get the soft silicone plugs, the clear plastic ones wont fit, and the foam ones are going to get nasty pretty quick....I kinda wish they included a set of them...especially on a $100 earphone set.

Oh last note....if you take one to work, make sure your allowed to. Workplaces are starting to ban hard disk based MP3 players lately, due to how easy it is to steal data with one. A few years back I remeber some kid who got caught stealing mac software at a CompUSA, by merely plugging his iPod into the store display machines, and copying hte installers off the system's hard drive. Kinda shows that some folks will ruin anyhting for us
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