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Originally Posted by catatonic
Oh last note....if you take one to work, make sure your allowed to. Workplaces are starting to ban hard disk based MP3 players lately, due to how easy it is to steal data with one.
I ran into this sort of issue at a visit to a high-security environment a few months ago. They asked me if I had floppy disks and a laptop and I said yes. I always carry emergency FreeBSD boot-floppies when I travel just in case I need to recover my laptop from a particularly nasty problem. They asked me to declare them and stuck the floppy disks in a plastic bag with a seal that said to the effect of "do not open until off premises". They did not ask me about an mp3 player. When I went to leave, they re-inspected my laptop with my escort signing me out and then inspected my backpack. That's when they found my PDA, my Archos Jukebox, my digital camera, a bunch of flash memory cards, etc... Ooops!!! The security guards went non-linear. My hosts were a bit amused though. They confiscated all my stuff so they could spend the night doing a thorough inspection and told me I could retrieve it the next day following the subsequent meeting.
1999 K2 OzM 2001 Aegis Aro Svelte
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