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Originally Posted by dobber
Why? The iPod is nothing revolutionary. Plenty of great flash, CD and HD based players before and since. iPod just managed a good marketing campaign and got a good herd mentality going. And you gotta love the non-replacable battery. Glad I don't have to toss my bike when I get a flat !!

Bzzt, wrong. The PJB100, designed by Compaq and licensed by Hango was the first solid/reliable mass marketed HD based player.
The iPods do have a replaceable battery, just not easily. I had a second generation ipod that I found and ended up selling because I never used it. I personally don't think the iPod is anything special, and that the price is inflated more by the Apple name (like so many of their products) than by the specifications inside the player. You'd be fine with pretty much any of the hard drive players, iRiver, iAudio, iPod, Dell Jukebox, Creative Zen.
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