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Originally Posted by catatonic
Yeah, I'm lovin these E2s...I just gotta get the soft silicone plugs, the clear plastic ones wont fit, and the foam ones are going to get nasty pretty quick....I kinda wish they included a set of them...especially on a $100 earphone set.
yea i hear ya about those hard plastic plugs. they are a bit rough to get in the ear but actually after looking at the instructions i found it easier. i put em in the ear and tug on the back of my ear lobe a bit while pushing the plastic plug in. that forms a real nice tight fit and they stay just fine. without that they tend to pop out. i wanna upgrade though. i love mine but the shure E3's have the softer plug and seem a lil easier to get in the ear plus have a bit nicer sound. i will prob hold off though cause they are expensive and mine do the trick but it is on the back of the list hehe.

oh and wow about the not taking discs into places. I totally did not know that. i mean i knew like an airport might check a laptop but didnt even think about a mp3 player or palm. oof i gotta keep track of my electronics when i go places now hehe.
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