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Im sorry to all of you, but i have the worse crash of all. I was borrowing my friends p.2, and there was an old construction site that was abandoned, someone bought the land and left evrything the way it was and turned it into a bike park.

i go their on my friends p.2, and their is almost a striaght drop, its about 70 degree angle, no joke, and im going down about 25 mph, theres a 6 foot jump and i hit it wrong, kinda going off it on a angle, then i lose my grip on the handle bars and soon im underneath my bike 15 feet in the air i hit the ground on soft woodchips, bike lands on my left arm, breaks it, then falls over onto my right arm and it scrapes the **** out of it, 10 stiches on the right arm. I WIN! :-D. (No back injuries from landing on my back though, just from the bike landing on me.)
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