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I have a couple.
one, i crossed a street, when up a drive way, went over the grass and flipped for no reason. i actually did a full front flip. landed entangled in my bike, with a few borken bones in my hand.
my other one was just yesterday.
If somone ever tells you you can't wipe doing zero, they're lieing.
I was showing off infront of these girls, and i was doing endo's and wheelies and such. and they are like "what happens if you flip." "while doing an endo) and me being the idiot i am, showed them. I thought i was just going to be able to bail real nice and all, but i didn't.
I was going way to fast, and i pulled the back up to far. it looked real nice too. i literally hung there for about ten seconds, balenceing. then i started to go over, and i didn't bail fast enough. i fell on my face, and the bike fell on me.
hurt my arm, and slammed my jaw on the ground. that was a huge kick in the pride
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