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Well not counting breaking my forehead when I was a kid riding a wheelie, or the time I almost died racing BMX, not counting injuries from Skatboarding, racing Quads and MX, and not counting bullet holes or stab wounds. Mine would have to be my crash back in February.

I have the '03 Sixsixone Pressure Suit and love it. It has saved my bacon more than once. My last bad crash back in February (Fractured 2 meticarples and broke one) I was flying though the air thinking.... Hope my pressure suit works, crap I'm going to scuff up my new riding shoes, and OMG! hope my bikes gonna be ok landing on these jagged rocks. Seemed like 5 minutes later... WHAM hit the ground/rocks then saw sky, dirt, sky, dirt, sky, breath somehow jumped outta my chest, just as my bike landed on my back, and knocked out any wind that was left over.

I sat there for a minute, making sure everything was still attached. Did the old wiggle everything until you hear a crunchy grinding noise. Yep hand is broken, but everything else is in working order. Ran to my bike...yep she's ok too. Rode the rest of the way down with a funng grinding/crunching noise comming from my hand. Got to spend the next 6 weeks in a cast.

Does the pressure suit work? Yep!
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