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Help me identify my mystery GT


I've got an older GT mtb that I got a while back. It was probably three years ago that I got it, and it was purchased at a pawn shop for 80 bucks. It was filthy as sin, and needed lubrication, but seemed like a good deal. The biggest reason it was only 80$ was probably because the previous owner unceremoniously sanded the paint off of it! Not a problem since its aluminum, but it means I have no idea which model of GT I have.

For a few years I rode it around town, hit some single tracks, forded some rivers, etc, only keeping up with the most basic maintainence. I'm now going over it and fixing it back up, but I'm running into questions about its age and model that I just have no way of answering.

Sooo... Take a look at this pic.. What GT do I have? How could I find out for sure? Other details: It's a hardtail, no suspension, new seat (not the original), SLX drivetrain (middle of the road) and brakes, SLX Parallax hubs, and some sort of rapid fire shifters.

Any suggestions on upgrades/improvements would be appreciated too. I don't want to sink too much into this older bike, but it is nice, and deserves some labor on my part. Besides just replacing worn stuff like cogs with exact replacements, are there any modest upgrades that can be done to improve the feel of the bike, without wasting too much money?

Bigger version of the image.

Thanks for your help!

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