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Originally Posted by cosmo starr View Post
lets come up with an idea, ^^ you print it at cost, we'll send a few dollar bills in the mail with a SASE to cover the cost.
Sure, I did some initial investigating yesterday and inquired about bumper stickers with our offset girl. They were a little more expensive than what I would have guessed, but I figure that we could set them up 2 up giving us twice as many for the same price. I thought the silver foil with green ink was nice and was at no extra charge, but I can get back with more specifics. This process we send out to a vendor to have done and we get better prices than a normal person ordering. I would rather do them in house if possible knowing that my store won't be trying to turning a profit on me like an outside vendor, we don't have an offset printer but we have high end xerox equipment. I would like to see if I can obtain some stock that is durable enough for outside conditions will have to check with our suppliers. I can get some answers early next week. Just taking a quick glance yesterday the first option 250 bumper stickers for around $170 and 500 for around $220 (keep in mind this is a bumper sticker size and I think a 2 up would actually get twice as many) this is our full retail price as an employee I do get a discount just not sure how much with offset. Option 2 (in house) if there is a good enough stock, would be great because it would be letter size and could be setup 2 up, 3 up or 4 up, color or b&w(which is dirt cheap). This way also lets me use as many different types of artwork no plates involved. I can get some answers early next week.
The artwork idea my coworker and I came up with was a infinity logo used as the bicycle wheels and MPG ran vertically beside it but none of this is set in stone.

Edit: I am really trying to find the best price I would rather not handle anyones cash and make this a gift and only asking for a sase.

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