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Bikes: Cannondale CAAD9 5

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Shoulda Gone BikesDirect...

I'm new around here and to riding. I finally decided to pull the trigger and get my first new road bike. I had been riding my hybrid and my old Schwinn. There are two LBS near me and I went to both. The first highly recommended a Cannondale CAAD9 5. I test road that but decided to check my options at the other store before doing anything. Now, I had gone to the other store a couple of months back for a seatpost and didn't really care for the reception. It seemed rude and insulting but I thought, hey, everyone has a bad day go and see. I went, looked at bikes, and looked at bikes, and looked at bikes. No one ever even spoke to me much less offered to help.

I left and a few days later went back to LBS number 1. I test rode the Cannondale again along with a Trek 2.1 and Trek 1.2. I'm a little worried about how aggressive the CAAD9 is but for the money, it had the best components and hey, it's made in the USA. I bought the Cannondale but asked if they could swap out the handlebars since they felt way too wide for me.

They did that, and while they were doing the rest of the fitting, it became apparent that the front derailler wasn't working right. They took it to the back to adjust it and then off I went...for about 4 blocks before the back tire was flat. I walked the bike back, and was able to get there before they closed. Now, the main guy seemed to act like I was being a bother but the young guy took the bike and said he'd change it. When he brought it back he said they must have forgotten to reinflate it to pressure.

So I go off again for a short ride before heading home and guess what? The front derailler still doesn't shift, and now, the shifter isn't even clicking as it should. They are closed today so I'll have to get it there Monday to have them fix it.

I'm feeling pretty discouraged and really wondering if I made a mistake.
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