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Originally Posted by Nola_Gal View Post
So I go off again for a short ride before heading home and guess what? The front derailler still doesn't shift, and now, the shifter isn't even clicking as it should. They are closed today so I'll have to get it there Monday to have them fix it.

I'm feeling pretty discouraged and really wondering if I made a mistake.
Even though you should take it back and have them fix it - this is also a good opportunity to teach yourself to become self sufficient with repairs.

Simple things like a derailleur adjustment can be handled by yourself.

Even if you don't do anything to the bike, be familiar with the procedure so you start to gain an understanding on how things work.

P.S It sounds like the bike wasn't properly prepped before it was sent off to the customer. Mistakes happen. Only you know how good a bike shop is. There are bad ones and there are good ones.

Originally Posted by Indolent58 View Post
I wouldn't say you made a mistake assuming that the LBS resolves all your issues and stands by the bike they sold you. However it does illustrate the point that many LBSes take little time assembling or adjusting bikes before putting them on the sales floor, nor do they check them thoroughly before they send them out the door. It's up to the customer to find out what's wrong and have them fix it.
It varies widely depending on the bike shop you go to. Some do the most cursories of assemblies with no adjustments and others do a very thorough and complete one. It would be failry difficult for someone new to cycling to tell the difference. This is where shop reputation and worth of mouth comes into play
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