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hmmmm. i am not sure if a red angry face is warranted, maybe a purple frown face. it is likely that the fd is not adjusted right, and that is your problem. (a side note: front derailleur adjustments are something you will likely have to do many times as you ride your bike, so it would behoove you to learn how these work at some point)

your lbs sounds like they did not inflate your tire or properly adjust your fd, which is sloppy, but not something to get mad about yet. if it is still broken after you bring it in on monday, report back with a warranted red angry face. until then, stay patient. bikes will have more problems in the first two rides then they will likely ever have in the rest of their service. did the lbs guys do a quick test ride around the parking lot after they adjusted the fd? if not, that could be your problem right there. chin up. you will enjoy your bike after you get these few little details worked out.
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