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Originally Posted by Nola_Gal View Post
I don't have any problem learning how to work on my bike. I've fixed my own flats, swapped out stems and seatposts etc. but no, I've never fooled with the deraillers. I guess I'm miffed because shelling out $1,400 was a really big deal for me and for that kind of cash, I'd hoped they'd check the bike out better before sending me out. Sure, if I'd bought online I'd still be trying to figure out the problem, but I'd have several hundred dollars in my pocket to sort it out and I'd have known what i was getting into. Spending that kind of money only to find out that they do sloppy work isn't too comforting.

Yeah, I'm disappointed. I will get over it and if I can fix the problem myself it will undoubtedly help me appreciate my bike better, but for today, maybe this face is more appropriate...

Won't the LBS be there to fix the problem...

Isn't some sort of free maintenance included for the price...

BikesDirect sells you a product cheap and thats it...
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