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skiding tires?

i ride brakeless and ware out a lots of tires, fast. i stopped using a brake about 3 months ago and already went through 4 back tires (gear 44x15, lots of patches and i rotate the tire every 2 weeks).
every tire has its own feel, sound and road response in different conditions, and they all have different durability.

vitoria rubino-
great skider, great loud skiding sound, very relayable with stopping and flats (kevlar) good in the rain, great road grip, they even look great and i heard from some knolegable dude that "they last forever". and that might be true, but they dont last a minute when they slide. i just burned a hole in one yesterday. cost 30$.

no time tire, 15$-
not too bad. different type rubber, softer and smoother. tends to lose grip and control more than the vitoria but does a good job. sounds like squeeky rubber. i suppose it gets more flats, but didnt have that problem with tuffy. a better return for your money than any of the other i tried.

i used the front vitoria i had and again realized its perfect, but just dont last.

continental gatorskin-
got i lightly used. sounds like the no name and was made of the same type rubber. seams to stop faster, but absolutely useless in the rain, as if you're ice skating. skid stopping in medium speed on a downhill is a suicide.

again, i got a rubino. did i mention they sound beautiful?
i wore it to the tube.

hatchinson equinox-
had it for two days and it feels more sliding, easier to start a skid but have good braking power if you really sit on it and put weight on the back. so far feels good, i just wonder how long it will last. a cool thing about it is that its very quite. no one will turn their head. i have a feeling it will be awful in the rain, but that's not tested yet.

ok. so anyone has any insights? i only been through a few tires.
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