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Ok, here it was I found out. There is a sticker stock that we can run on our machines that is supposed to be quite weather resistant and waterproof from what our paper supplier told me (this is option 2 I explained earlier). The size stock is LTR (8.5in x 11in) but the sheet contains 2 - 5.5in x 8.5in stickers. I went ahead and put an order in for a box of 50. I really think we can break this up into 4 on a page meaning each sticker will be a 4.25in x 5.5in which would give a total of 200 stickers and the price is significantly cheaper but the only trade off is b&w only. I can put as many different types of art work on this stuff (no plates). I still haven't got my artwork together yet, but if you want to submit something pm and I will send you my email address I can pretty much take any type of file. I won't be charging for these since I need stickers for my bike, I will pick up a book of stamps send for free until stamps run out after that I might need a sase. I will try to get my artwork ready this weekend. I promise to respect anyone’s creations and not sell anyone’s designs, trust me that can get me in a world of trouble in my line of work, all that I ask is that I may stick one of your stickers on my bike.
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