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Is there any sort of amp meter, amp hour meter, watt meter on the bike or could you put one on it? Depending on the battery chemistry it is possible to see just by the voltage if your effort is helping but that isn't very accurate.

Some kind of metering device would help measure how much energy is coming out of the battery to propel you at your 6mph so you could see how much power is getting used from the batteries when you don't pedal and then run the same course/street/block and see how much it uses when you do pedal. With this you could even find the sweet spot where your pedalling at a comfortable RPM and effort level and the bike is going the speed you want on the least amount of battery power.

I would think that if you are pedaling and feeling some resistance you should be lessening the power getting used from the batteries. Of course if pedalling makes you go 0.1 mph faster then the motor alone it could be your power is for that 0.1 mph and the motor is doing the first 6mph. The answer to your question is really what is keeping me from buying anything right now since it isn't really all that well known. An ebike today can't make my commute alone although I do it with just pedalling. I'd like a little help though but don't would like it to be a shared effort not just the motor or me dragging the motor/batteries.

The bionx is the only electric bicycle I understand how it works at the moment as it increases the power you apply by a set percentage. It is $$$$ though which is why I don't have anything.
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