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on cadence: 90RPM isn't an extreme cadence, but it'd be moving up into a good athletic cadence, depending on gearing and styling. My cadence is lower on average, but my style of cycling includes utility, touring, and cross country/all mountain. No racing. Average speed is pretty low for someone who cycles every day, 20kph. This has more to do with the fact that I enjoy not having to rush than anything

There are some systems which will scale motor input to your effort, such as BionX or the Crystalyte PAS controller adapter. There are also systems which base themselves on your cadence, such as Stokemonkey. One important point though, is that with almost any e-bike I can think of, pedaling provides input regardless, as long as its done properly.

You can move with any cadence you please as long as its beneficial to your health and if you're using the proper gear ratio in order to contribute to the motor you'll know so, as your pedals will have resistance to them. Mm, one of the reasons you feel like you're not able to contribute on those other bikes is that they don't have the proper gearing to do so, if they're getting away on you so fast. Its like riding in low gear down a hill.
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