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Well, I flipped over head first and the only thing to be out of wack on the bike was the shifter lever on the right side due to all the weight being put on it, other wise I think it would of survived.
Well, its 21sp, so it should be 7sp on the right and 3sp on the left handle? If thats how it works.

As for the grip shifters, not very fond of them and they seem more akward to use but it could be just me.

Thanx a lot for this find. Guess, I wont even bother heading to the LBS.

Now, these are pretty simple and straight forward to replace? or do I need to know something in advance?

its not a big deal, but the ones off that website seem to have a plastic black nut there instead of the metal one on my bike, thats easily interchangable as well, correct?
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