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It would be instructive to compare various state laws regarding drunk drivers. California's is pretty good, but we have it only because of intense lobbying by MADD and similar organizations. MADD is a nationwide organization, but I suspect it has been more successful in some states than others.

Circa 2000, Michele Young killed Cece Krone, who had stopped to rest on a wide uppaved road shoulder at the end of a climb. Because Ms. Krone had a previous DUI, had about a 0.20 BAC (before 11 a.m., yet), and had her 10-year-old son in the car, she was given a 7-year prison sentence. The public defender was truly inspiring: "Well, I hope the jury got what they wanted -- they just sent a 50-year-old housewife and mother to prison." No, the jury did not get what I wanted; I was hoping for at least 12 years prison and permanent license revocation. Marin County bicyclists deserve credit for organizing a courtroom vigil, in which a group of them stood silently and respectfully in the back of the courtroom, helmets in hand, during many phases of the trial. Numerous other cyclists, myself included, wrote letters to the judge, who actually read every one, even though he publicly declared that he would read letters only from the victim's immediate family members. As far as I know, but have been unable to verify, Michele Young has been out on parole for at least 2 years -- scary thought!
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