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I'm a young guy - and this will sound odd - but its very true - I lived thru the "chocolate milk boom" of the past 12 or so years.

When I was 10-11 yrs old, the only chocolate milk you could buy was that United chocolate milk in the paper carton. To this day if you can find it, it is the best. Companies started to join in and put it in plastic bottles. Most of the ones at first were good because it was still the old recipes. Still oldish school chocomilk. It was always oldish school chocomilk or YooHoo.

More recently, companies have come up with this new recipe of chocolate milk that neither tastes like chocolate or milk. It's similar to chocolatey liquified chalk and that stuff tasted gross. I blame it on Milk Chugs. Those punks ruined the chocomilk industry. The new generation got hooked on this plastic chocolate milk and have since moved on to trying to replicate the taste of a chocolate milkshake - all thi fake creamyness. The stuff is gross.

This is why you can't find anything good - because there isn't anything good.

Premade - find it in a paper carton and you're golden.
Powder - I've never had Ovaltine, mainly because of the stupid name. Quik never was that good, but it works.
Liquid - Hershey's syrup is good stuff. Ironically, Hershey's premade chocoplasticmilk is horrid.
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