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Qualty wheels

Went to the LBS yesterday to get new tyres and got the same as I already Have. Michelin PR2's as they seem to be the lightest around- sensible price- and I already like the way they ride and wear. The Boreas when it came had Vrederstein Fortezzias on it and although they seemed to be good, I wore them out within 600 miles. For the last month I have been using the Hand built wheels from my LBS that had PR2's already fitted. These wheels and tyres have been on the Giant previously and have had about 1500 miles on them. The mould marks have only just gone from the front tyre and the rear does not have any sign of a flat area on it.

So yesterdays ride was on Boreas with the Hand built wheels and the old- but nearly unused- PR2's on it. Last night I put the new tyres on the Ultegra wheels and virtually did the same ride down for coffee today. I must be getting old as it still felt cold this morning. So same bike- Same weather- same rider and the only change being the Ultegra wheels. Unless you count the new tyres as they are a different colour but don't honestly think this has much bearing on the matter. Average speed to the cafe yesterday was 14.1 mph. Todays ride was 16.2. No head or tail wind to speak of on either ride- Same clothing so can't blame it on extra layers. Only difference is the wheels.

I know that I keep on about hand built wheels and how good they are, and compared to OM wheels on most bikes they are. But these qualty wheels that are just a bit higher up the price range that most of us have are superb. How they would compare with a Krysium or any other higher priced wheel- I do not know but if any of you are looking for that upgrade to improve their speed- or distance or bragging rights- should look at their existing wheels and think of what their next upgrade should be.

By the way- The rest of the ride took in 3 hills as I was feeling so elated. It was one hill too many and struggled home agianst a 20mph headwind that suddenly appeared.
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