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Time for a change.
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Originally Posted by Motorad View Post
Stepfam, I'm curious on how you are making your transition from mountain bikes to the Dark Side (roadies). What width of tires (in mm) do you usually ride on your MTBs ... and what width are your PR2 tires on your Darth Vader roadie? Any problems transitioning from wider MTBs to skinnier road tires?
Change over the Skinny tyres was not a problem- what was a shock though was how hard the tarmac is without a big fat knobbly to cushion road shocks. Road Hills seem to be about the same- have climbed all the same hills that I used to climb with the lower gearing on the MTB although I might be standing towards the end.

On tyres- Depends on how hard the offroad is but I like to run with a 1.8 tyre- especially in winter where the narrow tyre cuts through the mud to a solid surface below for grip. May go up to a 2.1 for summer baked trails but Then lose a bit of Steering control with the wide tyre. Tyres on the Giant and Boreas are 23's. I did try to get some 21's this weekend but they would have been a special order and I am impatient-Want it NOW.

The only problem I had changing to the dark side was in position on the bike. It took nearly a year before I felt comfortable in the drops and rode the hoods all the time. Now, if there is a sign of a headwind- or I want to push a bit harder- then the drops are used. The only other thing is that I find it easy to drop below working level on the road bike. I have to push to keep the HR up above 135- wheras on the MTB- That is probably the lowesr I would have on a ride unless I am admiring the scenery.
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