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This afternoon, at about 4:30 PM, I was preparing to leave for my Monday evening ride. The ride starts at 5:30, which means it is ridden completely in the dark. The temperature was hovering in the 40 degree range with overcast skies. The trails and roads are wet from the rain of the past two days.

I was in the kitchen filling my water bottle when I noticed my favorite mug that I use for hot chocolate, which is best with some whipped cream. It was natural that I started thinking about filling that mug and moving to my favorite chair in front of the TV. I would then pet the dog a little and start a movie or a ball game before taking a little nap.

I then pushed the curtains back to peer out one more time. The dark overcast skies were still there. The thermometer just outside the window continued to read 40 degrees. It dawned on me that I did not really need to ride at night in this type weather.

It was right there in front of me. I could stay home in the warm dry confines of my home.

As I started putting the water bottle away I saw the paddle standing in the corner. I had used that paddle this afternoon to move a small boat to the launch so that the engine could be repaired. I had paddled that boat about a quarter mile against the wind just a hour ago. Last year I did something very sinilar, but about half the distance. Last year I had to quit paddling a number of times because I was out of breath. An hour ago I paddled the entire distance with no need at all for a break. What caused this differnce in just one year? Of course the difference was due to my decision to start riding a bike.

I completed filling the bottle and got dressed. The ride went well.

Does anyone else ever get tempted to stay home?
All the time. And for a number of reasons.

One reason is my history of indolence. (Beverly knows about this from - she's read my posts there.) When you get to be 385 pounds, certain habits become ingrained. One such habit is laziness. Obesity sucks the energy out of you. You get used to NOT doing things, and this includes exercise. And even though I've lost 140 pounds, I'm still often sluggish. And at 240-260 I'm still obese, so I still have padding to weigh me down.

Another is the shortened day. Less daylight, a grayer, colder, more dismal morning - reasons to go back to bed. I work second shift, so getting up early in the morning is hard for me anyway.

Also, I'm suffering from having met my cycling goal. I didn't know how to ride a bike in December 2006. I never rode as a child. And I finished my first century in September, and my first tour a week afterwards. I've been floundering for a goal ever since. I've picked a cross country ride as the next logical goal, but I'm having trouble keeping motivated.

And finally, at the risk of being called whiny, I have some structural problems that flare up from time to time. My knocked knees creak in cold, wet weather. My scoliosis gives me back pain on occasion.

Thanks for posting this thread. I didn't ride today. I feel better for talking about it, even if I didn't get any exercise.