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I used to have a riding partner who always used to arrange the rides. You turned up at his house at the allotted time and you went riding. He had a clever skill though and he knew when people did not want to ride. If this occured-we would meet at the sluggards house. No choice as you were going on the ride. It did not matter how much you did not feel like riding- within 5 minutes and you were up for a decent ride. Only on one occasion did a ride get aborted and that was when 15 minutes in- the weather got a lot colder and it rained Ice. None of us fancied it so we did turn round and go home- but we did start the ride.

I now ride solo and although I have to be a bit carefull and be flexible on the rides- I look at the Weather forecast and if it looks bad for a Sunday ride- I go Saturday. Same on the mid weekers. Get home late from work and I can go tomorrow.

But the main point is- Nothing to stop me going on a ride except myself. Sunday is ride day and all my family know it. Get up with the sun- Look at the sky- walk down to the bike shed and see what clothing to put on. Fatal thing for me to do is leave the bike in the shed. Bring it up to the house and that is it. No matter how cold I feel- How wet I am going to get or how I just don't fancy riding- Once that bike is ready to Go- I am going.
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