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If the liners plus the gloves make for a tight fit, your fingers will get cold even if you're hanging out indoors. This is another reason why mittens tend to be warmer than gloves. The individual digits aren't constricted.
When riders first start learning to ride in icy or snowy conditions, or start out a ride cold, shivering and tense, they tend to keep a very right grip on the bars. This tight grip further restricts circulation.
The best hand protection has a combination of a insulation, loose fit, totally windproof, with a cuff that has a long gauntlet with cinching cords. I also find that leather becomes very cold and the cold transfers right to the hand. I'd rather have a kevlar or other sturdy fabric palm and underside to the fingers.
How you wear the gloves and shirts is also important. Shirt and coat cuffs directly cover the wrist while the glove gauntlet covers both the shirt and overcoat cuff.
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