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Wheels can really make a Bicycle and in the MTB world, they are a HUGE difference.
Case in Point, we are building up new 29r's at the shop to put out on the floor. 29r's are popular around here for Snow Rides and such. I built up two bikes in the past day one Gary Fisher Cobia which has the entry level style Bontrager 29 inch hoops and the a Gary Fisher Hifi Deluxe full suspension bike with the new higher end "Rythem" Bontrager wheels. I rode both bikes, the Hifi I locked the rear suspension so I could try and compare bike to bike. The Cobia felt mushy, heavy and slightly unresponsive. It would track where I pointed it, but it just felt weird. The Hifi felt SO MUCH better! I thought it was the whole bike, it felt very very good.

I swapped the wheels around on both bikes and the Hifi seemed to be effected by the wheels less than the Cobia. But the better wheels on the Cobia really WOKE up that bike. I was quite surprised!
At least between these bikes it made a nice difference.

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