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Originally Posted by Digital Gee View Post
Well, I am back. Not much has changed in my little corner of the universe, but I'm going to try some cycletherapy and see if that helps. I hardly got to ride in November, whatsoever. I bet I didn't even do 50 miles. Since there's now no way to meet my mileage goals for 2007, I will simply attempt to do one more mile than I did in 2006 and let it go at that.

I want to thank all of you who sent me some words of support, either by PM or in the forum itself. That meant a lot to me.

While I am "back," I'm still not feeling particularly jovial or upbeat, so I doubt I'll be posting very often for now. I mostly wanted to let folks know who might be wondering about me that I'm sort of okay, I guess. I'm out of town at the moment on business, and I hope to get my next ride on Saturday morning. Wonder if I can even do twenty miles? We'll see. I feel pretty rusty.
Welcome back Gary, I missed your posting, glad to hear from you again. I'm kind of doing the same as you in the riding department. I've been very busy meeting doctors in the Houston area. I guess my wife had a hole in the heart and they found it and we just got that fixed, besides other things. I have to get my foot operated on again, the first guy screwed up. So that will keep me off the bike for a while. Anyhow take it as it comes and just ride when you feel like it. Happy to see you back.
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