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Originally Posted by cerewa View Post
I would like to be TV free but my fiancee who I live with watches TV and I have pretty much given up on finding something else to do/staying away from the TV when it is on.

I'm trying to cut down on the amount of non-productive time I spend on the internet/TV/computer games, which I feel all have pretty similar effects. One of the tough things with internet-forums is that they really can be very useful or a total waste of time, depending on how you use them. I would say that while I'm speding the time, it's not that easy to tell the difference between time being wasted on bikeforums and time well-used on bikeforums (and the like). Non-interactive websites can be the same way.
yeah I used to be addicted to the internet and online gaming , a good FPS was worse than cocain for me. and the whole compeditive part of it was the thing that most fueled my addiction. I had to be better than everyone else I had to be top of the ladder in every tournament my name needed to be top of the screen all the time.

since dealing with my addiction I have channeled all that extra energy into doing tattoo competitions, painting and getting in shape to start doing mtn bike races.

I limit my internet time and I absolutly don't play online games anymore its not something I can control or do part time.

but some other non tv/computer things I do is me and the girl go to the dollar movies (unlike tv we make a clear choice of what to watch then when its over we leave. I think its more rewarding to watch a movie if your not always watching tv)

im also getting into shape to do mtn bike races just for fun though.

I do paintings
I do graphite and pastell portraits and landscapes.
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