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Originally Posted by pnj
bmxtrix, you may remember brian scurra had a bike set up to do wheelies way back when. but it was direct drive, I think, so it's kind of like cheating...
he had a really skinny wheel on the front, like a sew-up or something, vector bars/stem combo and a banana seat. I don't know how far he wheelied, I think it was more for doing shows with then setting records.
I most definitely remember that, as well I remember some stuff about the world record belonging to Scura and then to some other guy. It was something like Scura had the world record for worlds longest wheelie, then this guy did it a little further, then Scura did it like a couple of miles...

In response the guy did a wheelie for like 62 miles or something ridiculous like that. It was an asinine distnace and completely leveled the old record the Scura had held. The guy basically said "If you are going to go for a world record, then dedicate yourself to setting the world record and stop screwing around."

Wheelies on 20" bikes don't even compare to wheelies done on bikes built and designed to do wheelies on specifically.
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