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Originally Posted by East Hill View Post
I've been guilty of over-enthusiasm, but only because I like to encourage new people to post.

I think that 'Yahoo!' might be a bit annoying after just a few pages, at least in book form.

East Hill
It's different here on Bike Forums. This is a gray area between the black and white of 'formal' prose and the casualness of conversation. You welcomed me, and I thank you for it.

Yahoo was annoying, as was Lowrance's failure to put enough of himself into his book. By that I mean he told us what he did and sometimes how he felt in body and mind, but he neglected to tell us how he changed as a person. Often Lowrance's prose seemed cliche-bound or skirted importance because he didn't want to deal with the subject of himself. I expected more introspection from a person who named his ride the Bike of Peace.

A better written book is Brian Newhouse's A Crossing. Newhouse used his cross-country trip to focus on his troubled relationship with his father, his Christian faith, and his Christian fundimentalist girlfriend. I guess it took his mind off of the climbs in the Rockies. The author still follows the basic formula for travel writing: go places, see stuff, meet people, write about it. But he realizes that it's not just the landscape that changes on a bike ride, it's the rider changing too.