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Originally Posted by timmhaan
i have decided to buy a cheap bike to commute to the train station with. i will not be able to bring the bike on the train with me, so i need to park it somewhere along the PATH train system (new york side) for at least 8 hours each day. does anyone have any recommendations on where a safe place to park would be for this length of time?
Believe it not, I used to park the my $330.00 Dahon Piccolo at the Path train station (Journal Square) a couple of years back and just take a van into New York City! My bike was attacked a couple of times but I used the Kryptonite New York Chain so it never got stolen. I'm not too sure I would do that today as I see lots of bikes vandalized on those racks.

I've seen some people bring folding bikes on boad the Path system. In fact, I remember seeing someone bring a 20 inch folder that had an elecric motor on board the Path during rush hour! The only bikes allowed on Path during rush hour are folders so don't even think about taking a full size bike.

If you decide to bring a folding bike like Dahon, here's how to do it. The bike is fairly heavy so you would not want to carry it across the platform. HOWEVER. You have to have it folded or the police won't allow you downstairs. Here's how to do it. You fold the bike in half and keep the handlebar up. Then roll the bike on the front wheel using the handlebar. Simple...

Good luck.
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