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"read blinky" = "rear blinky" with a typo (the "r" and "d" are next to each other, remember -- at least on a QWERTY keyboard).

Dinotte's amber light is good, and it has the same choices of flash patterns as their other lights. I've seen a few others, too, but had to go to to find them (I remember when they just sold books...).

I've also heard that some bike-related laws specify that steady, rear-facing lights are only supposed to be red, and other colors aren't allowed. It makes sense, since other colors usually signify that a vehicle is turning or is coming towards the viewer.

I'd stick with bright red lights to the rear and use amber to the sides and/or front.

Emergency vehicles can be lit up all they want, for all I care. Your buses, I'll bet, are using those lights now because some ambulance-chasing lawyer sued them to make themselves more visible; that's happened here in DC, and now the buses have chasing-pattern amber light bars above their windshields.
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