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Technically speaking in New York state NO flashing lights are permitted on any vehicle EXCEPT an "Emergency Vehicle" as defined within the NYS VTL. As bicycles are considered vehicles and must abide by the same governing laws that includes blinking lights or "blinkies".. Now before everyone goes off on a tirade that is what the VTL says. It is common practice to use the flash mode however with some of these new high power rear lights coming on the market I would not be surprised to hear of someone getting stopped concerning these such as but not limited to the Dinotte etc. The only flashing lights permitted on non emergency vehicle are turn signals and they can be red or amber to the rear or white or amber to the front. For the most part police officers do not pay attention to bicycles exhibiting flashing red to the rear HOWEVER I would question getting up in too high a range as to be confused by a legitimate emergency vehicle. There is a point or line one can reach that is overboard so to speak. That is coming from the law enforcement side as well as the bike side. I personally think the Dinotte is overboard. Catseye 1100, Mars 3.0, and Planets are very effective. Police agencies are finding that too many or too bright lights can have an adverse effect on other drivers. That is in ref. to police operations. All this is dependant on the conditions. The object is to be seen and not hit. Remember that the light does not put up some magical shield. So speaking on NYS , yes you can be told turn the light on steady to the rear, and flashing white to the front is a no no. The only pulse type light that is allowed to the front are modulators on motorcycles as per NYS VTL. Like it or not that is the way it is. Follow it or not ....I would say use your common sense and you most likely won't have a problem. I would like to see a split lens yellow and red such as a Catseye for example with red row on the top and yellow on the bottom each separately controlled.

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