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Heat Wave heading to Midwest?

I checked the 10-day forecast and what to my wondering eyes did appear, but a heat wave heading to the Midwest this weekend. Current predictions (which could turn out to be nothing more than cruel broken promises) are:

Sunday - 48, Monday - 49, Tuesday - 47.

Sunday's low is predicted to be 40.


To put this into perspective, the all-time recorded high for Jan 6th is 41. So a 48 would smash more than 100 years of history.

The downside is that it is supposed to be cloudy and rainy on every one of these days, and with the snow meltoff that is bound to occur, it will be a mess. Probably have some flooding.

Prediction for Columbus, OH is 59 on Monday and Tuesday.
" " Chicago suburbs is 52 on Sunday & Monday.

Alas for the poor souls in Minneapolis, you get 37 & 36 as highs.
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