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Originally Posted by TruF View Post
I just read the latest Bicycling magazine and got really frightened while reading their article about vehicle versus bike "accidents." What really hit home is that the examples are from the area where I live. Now I'm wondering if it's stupid to do any riding on the road.

On the other hand, I wonder if the chances of being killed while riding a bike on roads is any higher than being killed by another vehicle while driving or jogging. Thoughts?
I read the same article and found it extremely disturbing, especially the graphic description of the cyclist being tossed about after being hit while the driver was oblivious to what happened.

Yeah, I'm particularly sensitive about this having been hit myself (not a serious one) many years ago.

The article implied she was a "distracted driver" having reached down to pick up her cell phone which could happen far more often than we realize.

There's another thread on BF talking about how the US DOT will be employing "new technologies" to lessen congestion on our major highways. If drivers avoid the more congested highways and freeways, they wind up on secondary roads where that Bicycling Magazine accident article happened. I don't see any way of improving the situation of the road cyclist that shares the road unless gas prices rise sharply and many people just can't afford to drive.

As long as we have more drivers, distracted drivers and drivers that see cyclists as a nuisance, we continue to be at risk.
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