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Let's do a Century
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Totally, totally Discouraged.........

Today's ride left me with the feeling I might not even ride again.........

Never mind it was cool-32 degrees at the start with a steady 10 mph wind. The discouraging part is the pain under my left sit bone. There is definitely a small knot there now and after 25-30 miles the pain just shoots through my body. I cannot find a comfortable spot on the saddle-except to stand and pedal. Plus the harder I pedal when sitting the worse the pain gets.

I also have a "mass" on the other side or under my right cheekbone that I've had checked out by the best doctors around and we've opted to just leave it alone. I've been able to tolerate it for a couple years but it "squishes around" under my right sit bone as I pedal along. I guess the left side has finally gotten jealous of being pain free and is really taking it out on me.

I've tried different saddles, moved the saddle position around and even resorted to some old gel shorts but nothing I've tried seems to provide any relief. I'm out of ideas of things to try. I've ridden with lots of pain in my joints and body before on 100 mile rides but this just one takes all the pleasure out of being out on a bike. I guess this 'ol body has decided that 30,000 miles is enough. I just wish it had consulted me first!

Sorry to be so negative but this is really frustrating.......
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