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I've been juicing for over two decades. My all time favorite (can't begin to imagine the gallons of this stuff I've had over the years) is apple and carrot juice with a small chunk of fresh ginger thrown in when the carrots are being juiced. (5 or 6 carrots, two apples, and small chunk 1/8th inch of ginger). I also like blueberry and apple juice (four apples & half pint of blueberries. This is a bit expensive depending on the price of blueberries). DG, one other thing to consider is organic fruits and vegetables. Many places put a thin layer of wax over produce with isn't really too good for most juicers, and you want to avoid anything with pesticides and fungicides on them. Since carrots and apples are staples when it comes to my juicing,, I tend to buy them in very large quanities... 10lb or larger bags of carrots and bushel baskets of apples. Which reminds me of another favorite juice, 50/50 split of granny smith apples (adds tart flavors) with pears (adds sweetness).
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