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About 15 years ago I experienced severe pain in the scrotum, and a urologist declared that I had an inflammation, probably torsion-related, of an epididymis appendix:

I ran a minor fever one night, but otherwise simply rested, although the urologist mentioned options of an antibiotic or even simple outpatient surgical removal of the offending structure, if it did not self-resolve within a few days (fortunately it did). For the pain, I took a few aspirin (my analgesic of choice) per day and intermittently used an ice pack wraped in a cloth. When I needed to get up and walk around, wearing a jockstrap seemed to control the pain somewhat.

The urologist said that no one really knows the cause of non-STD, non-vasectomy cases, such as mine, but I have always wondered whether cycling might have had something to do with it. Anyway, all's well that ends well, although it certainly was more than a bit of a pain to go through this.

More on epididymis torsion:
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