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Originally Posted by Corsaire
I'm confused...what gives ??!
I saw Peter Whites article and Keith Bontrager's as well. I think one of them said itís merely coincidental that most peopleís knee ends up over the pedal axle. I like this part of Peter's artcle:

Try this test. Youíll need a friend to hold the bike up, or set it on a wind trainer. Sit on your bike with your hands on the handlebars and the crank arms horizontal. If you have a drop bar, hold the bar out on the brake hoods. Try taking your hands off the bar without moving your torso. If itís a strain to hold your torso in that same position, thatís an indication of the work your arms are doing to hold you up.
I think this is perfectly logical and Iíve used the test recently after buying a new saddle and a tandem. Iíve been riding seriously for 15 years and I had no idea on how to position a saddle fore/aft other than knee over pedal axle.

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