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Xtracycles *can* do intermediate XC riding. Forget about anything more aggressive, AM is out of the question. If you're a rider who likes to get out there and see the trees, the Xtra can handle going off road. If you're the type that likes to see the trees and jump over them too, its probably best to have a seperate system.

Trailers are very useful, but longtails are extremely useful. I much prefer my Xtracycle to any previous solution that i've tried out. Its nice to just have it there, ready, almost completely unobtrusive. There are a handful of trailers out there that can match what the Xtracycle has in hauling capacity, but none of them mesh so well with your ride, and most *dont* come anywhere near the same capacity as the Xtra does. Worth the price.

Still, dwoloz has a good point: if you really love to ride as recreation, it can be good to have one for business and one for pleasure. I still love riding my Xtracycle, its still fun, but its not hopping any trees or winning any races.
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