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Originally Posted by Corsaire
....however here's where my confusion lies: it ALSO makes sense to get the "knee over the axle pedal" correctly set for LEVERAGE, more power on the downstroke so to speak, so what set up should be first : fore & aft comfort position or knew over the pedal....hmmmmm!

If this is true, why are all of the human powered vehicle records held by recumbents (except for the records that specifically exclude them)?? Well, except maybe climbing records

To answer your question, I would go for comfort unless you have an accurate method to measure your power output in various positions. As the article states, moving forward provides more power, but puts more pressure on your hands, hence the tendency to ride "on the rivet". Moving forward allows your body to lean into the pedals a bit more. I wouldn’t want to hold that position for 50 miles, though.

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