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Originally Posted by Freestyle
I feel you ( or we ) can take all of the info and use it to get the best fit possible. In the book The Lance Armstrong performance program, by Lance and Chris Carmichale. In chapter 4 Riding Positions, page 41 Fore/aft saddle position, you can find the ( or and ) answer to your question. These guys do know what they are talking about, at least I feel they do. Good luck on getting fitted.
They really do know what they are talking about because they have experimented with cycle-mounted power measureing equipment under controlled conditions. That and a heart rate monitor can tailor the "optimum" sitting position to the individual rider. Lance armstrong has a unique build and some back problems so his position is different than the "norm". For example, he sits more erect than most racers. However, all this stuff is not relevent to many of us because we have different cycling objectives than Lance.

If I was into racing, I'd spend the $1000.00 for a power meter and experiment myself.

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