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Decisions, decisions - GVH vs. LBS

I've pretty much decided to get a new bike in time for next summer, so I've been ogling the racks at my LBS and wandering around the internet. My original object of lust was a Trek 1500 (currently on sale at my local place for $950), although I figure on getting some wheels with some more metal in them to handle my moosish size (6'2", 230 lbs or so) and frost-heaved Michigan roads.

But then someone posted a link to GVHBikes, and I see that from Gary I can get an Ultegra-equipped Viner Competition for $1350, roughly the same price as the Trek with the aftermarket wheels. There's little doubt it'd be a higher-end bike than the Trek, but I wouldn't have the immediate support of the local bike shop.

I guess I'm leaning towards the GVH Viner. I have a Viner frame now, and I really like the way it rides despite submediocre components. I don't have any experience with other bikes, though, so I'd appreciate opinions either way. It also sounds like Gary has a good reputation; my LBS has been helpful with my annual broken spokes, but it's pretty much staffed by mountain-biking kids. Has ordering a bike posed any problems for anyone?

Thanks, all -

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