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Originally Posted by oilman_15106 View Post
Change the subject a bit. Have you ridden the WCS wheels? I had a set of them and sent them back. The front brake surface was crap. Went thru 3 sets of pads before I gave up. Had alum. shards imbedded in the pad surfaces even after several hundred miles. Comments?
The worst case of that problem I've seen was a few years ago when I built up some wheels with Mavic X517 rims and installed brakes with Shimano XT pads. The rims were being ripped to shreds, they would have been ruined very quickly had I continued to use the XT pads. I've used Kool Stop salmons since then, and have had absolutely no problems since with those particular wheels. I learned later that Shimano was recommending only Shimano wheels with those pads, with machined brake surfaces. It didn't make any sense to me, but whatever. At any rate, what I found was that it wasn't the rims, but the pads that were causing the problem-

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