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Studded tires = FUN

The main reason I bought my Nokian M+G's was to be able to ride my bike on the nearby backwater lakes once they froze up. I finally got my chance today and it was awesome. Where I live there are several miles of backwater lakes that are designated as wildlife refuges. You can't hunt there or drive a powered vehicle there, so hardly anyone goes there. I went in today and had a blast. It was the first time I really had a chance to see what the nokians would do on slick ice. I probably spent an hour doing figure 8's on a small pond. It was like ice skating on a bike. I found out that the bike handles similar to a car. You had to start and stop very gradually, and I learned how to control the fishtailling. I only wiped out once when I tried to make a quick steering correction at about 12 mph.
Then I spent the rest of the afternoon exploring several miles of lake and swamp. You can really cover distance on the ice. The hardest thing was to not get cocky and wipe out.
I am definitely going to do some more of that next weekend. The problem is going to be getting through 4 days of work till then. They are predicting cold weather between now and the weekend. That is good news.
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