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Originally Posted by rcams
I had an older steel frame that I put a good 15,000 miles on before going to GVH. Since I spent so much time dialing that bike, I pretty much gave them all the critical measurements and then let him figure out the correct size of the frame I had decided on. I guess you could try 3-4 of the fit calculators and then see where you average. I'm kind of a believer that you can make adjustments in non-frame areas like seat-setback, seatpost height, stem length etc. to compensate for a frame that's a cm. off, but you do want to get as close as possible. You can get anal over wieght and sizing ignoring the fact that most of us over 25 yrs old are pounds overweight ! Dropping 5 pounds of ber belly is a lot cheaper and healthier than shaving grams off a seatpost and crankarm....
I figured that my bike would be a good starting point, as I know what I like and I've figured out what needs to be changed.

As for weight, tell me about it - last summer @ 260+ lbs, if I rode on the drops I got a knee in the gut with every pedal stroke. I've got a ways to go, but damn, what a difference this year. I don't go numb in the nads, either.
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