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Originally Posted by unkchunk View Post
A lot of people don't think the local Fire Marshall has a powerful position, but I think they can over ride any ruling concerning fire safety just because he/she said so. Try taking a picture of your set up and see if your head fire guy will approve. If not, there is no reason to proceed any farther. On the other side, I don't think he/she will approve any obstruction of an exit anyway, so again, there is no need to proceed any farther. After that Great White thing in Rhode Island clear fire exits is going to over ride your personal convenience. Sorry, but I think your are going to have to carry your bike up the stairs.
I thought I made it clear that I'm not talking about an obstruction. The way I normally lock my bike it isn't any more of an obstruction than the railing itself is. Furthermore, the portion of the stairwell in question is not even part of an exit path. It's just a dead end left after renovations. If the building were newly constructed the space in question wouldn't even exist.

However, as cc_rider mentioned, the tires may be flammable and as such should be separated from the exit by a fire proof wall, regardless of whether they are an obstruction or not.
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