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Not sure where you live and exactly what your looking for in a bike. So take my comments with that in mind. I'm not a fan of Internet sales for people who really don't know exatly what they want and in what size and so forth. There is some adjusting you can do with the seatpost, crank and stem but that can vary with geometry as well. A compact frame will adjust smaller obviously but not as big as a full sized frame and they both may be the same size. Unless you sit on the bike and get professionally fitted I think you are taking a chance with not getting the correct size. This may not matter if your bike sits many days more than you sit on it but it becomes critical if you 're going to use it regularly. Comfort is one thing but a mis sized bike can also lead to injury and ultimately less riding. There is more to fitting a bike than just getting the frame size correct. You have different Stem and Crank lengths as well, especially for you larger folk. My last new bike for me needed a different stem and Crank Arm to fit me perfectly. I'm 6' 195lbs and ride a 58cm bike. My LBS adjusted my cleats /pedals and swapped out the crank arms and stem for those that fit me perfectly not to mention adjusted my seat for and aft to keep my knees perfect in my spin. I'm savy enough to adjust brakes and gears myself but not everyone is, and on a new bike after 100 miles or so you will start to get some stretched cables that need adjustment. (free at my LBS for a new bike and $$ for something else) One other thing to consider is that when you get a bike shipped to you it doesn't come completely assembled. It's usually a minor job to assemble them but if you don't know what your doing you risk damaging parts or incurring more cost by taking it to a shop to reassemble. My advice would be to find a LBS even if you have to drive a bit that caters to road cyclists and buy a bike from them. You might pay a pinch more but in the end you'll have something that fits you. BTW the Trek 1500 at $950 you mention is a good deal and is $400 less than the Viner. $400 bux goes a long way in getting good clothes shoes or pedals. Numb nads could be improper seat positioning too. Check you seat angle. Good luck !!!

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