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another satisfied gvh customer here!

i got the viner only a few weeks ago and i couldn't be happier.

i'm 6'4.5" and i got the 64cm Viner Comp with the triple and cheap-o carbon fork add ons. the fit calculator didn't see me on a 64cm but maybe i'm more flexible from doing yoga or something.

i actually got mine with a 14cm stem and i think i might be better with a 13cm, but i'm going to see how it goes. gary at gvh will replace stems for free - well, i'd imagine i'd have to pay for at least half shipping but anyway.

the ride of the steel frame will be way more comfy than that Trek 1500. i had my first chiropractor visit after a few weeks of Viner ownership and my doctor was like "hey, you don't need to be adjusted this month! is anything different?" and i'm sure it was the bike. i feel way less beat up now after longer rides.

sorry if any of this is repeat info.

so for fit - what worked best for me was the "French Fit" + 1cm. my old bike only had a 59cm top tube and i felt a bit squished on it even though i'd swapped out the stem for the longest one i could find (a 15cm).

you'd probably be a 60 or 62cm i'd think? try to test ride some road bikes in that size and take note of how long their top tubes are and then get the Viner with the t-t length that's the same as your best test ride experience.

good luck!
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